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One of the great moments of the career of Muhammad Ali it was the fight against more than 60,000 people in Kinsasa (capital of the former Belgian Congo) before a George Foreman that he was at his best form. The American boxer set everyone up with a tremendous fight that ended after eight rounds.

For the African country they cheered the phrase 'The Rumble in the Jungle ' (The roar in the jungle) to designate what has possibly been the best combat of all time. October 30, 1974, a date that no boxing fan can leave his head. Today, 45 years later, everyone is amazed at the courage and passion that Ali put in a duel for history.

So much so that it served as a reason to make one of the best sports documentaries (and covers more shots) of all time. 'When we were kings', the history of combat that led Leon Gast to the big screen in 1997. The work was so successful that he got the Oscar for Best Documentary in the same year.

"I am the greatest of all time"

"I told you, I am the greatest of all time," Ali said after the fight in Africa. It is not known if it was the most accurate statement, but it was not misguided. "I told you when I won Sonny liston and I tell you now, I am the greatest, "continued the boxer after winning the Heavyweight Championship.

Already in the preparations prior to the crash Ali boasted of his physical condition and the desire he had to continue making history. "If I speak and train at the same time, I am fit," said the boxer himself while training.

He felt more confident than ever. "Now I am better than that 22-year-old boy, I have experience and I am very bad. I have fought with a crocodile, I fought with a whale. Last week I killed a rock, wounded a stone and sent a brick to the hospital. I'm so bad that I make medicine sick, "he said.

Today, Ali's legend is bigger than the boxer himself had imagined. If during his career he confirmed that he was the best in having practiced that sport, the combat in Kinsasa left as a champion of the Heavy Weights and legend to an Ali that that day not only a title was played, but to enter the historical Olympus of the athletes .

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