The first virtual race in the Canary Islands already has runners from 17 countries registered

It is always a good occasion to put on your shoes and sign up for a race and if it is for solidarity purposes, even better. The final sprint has already begun to register for the Club La Santa Virtual Series, the first telematic race organized in the Canary Islands. The deadline to join the competition, to be held next weekend, ends this Thursday and are currently registered runners from 17 different countries, who will participate in a race that has two categories for adults: 10 and 5 kilometers.

The registration fee, which can be formalized through the Club La Santa website, is 10 euros and includes, among other things, a personalized bib, a digital medal and the official finisher certificate. 30% of the proceeds will go to UNICEF and there will be prizes worth 10,000 euros.

“We have been running for a long time and this initiative is a good way to train and do what we like,” said some of the participants in a virtual press conference that brought together six registrants from different countries, from Germany to Colombia. In addition, they explained the situation of the de-escalation process in each of them and They praised the “great atmosphere” that Lanzarote offers for the practice of sport.

For his part, Fabio Cabrera, director of the test, expressed his satisfaction at having a community of runners in so many areas and commented that “for us, the idea that runners from all over the world are going to compete separately, but at the same time together, it’s amazing” In addition, he added that these special circumstances that are going through due to the pandemic, tests such as the Virtual Series reinforce the commitment to sport as a hallmark of Club La Santa.

So far, there are targeted representatives from the following countries: Spain, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and the United States. Among those registered are athletes like the Danish Kasper Laumann Hartlev, five times winner of the Lanzarote International Running Challenge, or the also Danish Maja Stage, medalist in three European Triathlons and winner of several ironman.

The competition will be held next weekend: from 08:00 on Saturday to 23:59 on Sunday. During that strip, runners they will be able to complete their careers anywhere in the world and they will be able to do it both indoors and outdoors, provided that the mobility restrictions in force in the countries from which they participate are respected. At the end of the test, runners must upload to their participant profile a screenshot of the device with which they train, reflecting the distance completed, the time spent and the date.