the gesture that shows that I knew his sad outcome

Pau Donés He passed away on June 9, and he was perfectly aware that his time was running out, that he was losing his pulse with cancer. He did not shy away from his illness or the tragic end that he was going to have when he was only 53 years old when asked why: “The doctors have told me that I am going to die, I have to hurry to make the record.” And boy did he give it to her. With a titanic effort against all possible adversities, he managed to release his new song on May 26, shortly before losing his life.

Pau Donés in an image from his new video clip / Jarabe de Palo

During these last months, the vocalist of Jarabe de Palo has also been leaving tied some essential ends. We talk about his inheritance. Fue last March, coinciding with the start of the pandemic, when Pau Donés left his legacy closed together with his team of lawyers. His most precious asset was the actions he had as sole administrator of the record company Tronco Records, which he yielded to his brother Marc, according to Informalia. He also managed another company, Casa Alena Bichos y Verduras SL, dedicated to real estate. On the other hand, his heritage is made up of three properties that bore his name, located in Montanuy, the Valle de Arán and Barcelona. All of them will become his daughter Sara once she turns 18. The one from Valle de Arán has been on sale since the beginning of 2020 and can be purchased in exchange for 2,300,000 euros.

During the 5 years that he has fought cancer with integrity, Pau Donés has always been clear and has felt that his time in life is ending. A person who knows you very well is Alex Tenas, drummer of Jarabe de Palo for 25 years, who told in an interview to the newspaper ‘El Nuevo Día’ how the singer carried his day to day: “He knew when he was going to die, he was a very direct, sensitive person but he also had a very rational side and since they detected the disease he knew, because his cancer was very combative, how long he had been alive ».