The Government continues to finalize the loans to pay the rents almost a month after announcing them

The Government announced on Monday that it will activate this week the line of loans guaranteed by the State of 1,200 million euros so that tenants who have problems paying the rent of their habitual residence can request them. This line of the ICO comes almost a month after they were announced with great fanfare on March 31.

As this newspaper reported, numerous citizens affected by the coronavirus crisis have applied to their entity for a loan guaranteed by the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to pay the rent of your habitual residence, without too much luck.

Although the line of credits guaranteed by the ICO was approved by the Government in a royal decree of March 31, As of April 27, these loans are still not available, which the beneficiaries will have to repay in the future.

While from the banks they report that these credits are not being given because «corresponds to the ICO detail and develop them ”, from the department headed by the vice president Nadia Calviño explain that «banks can already give those credits because they are retroactive, from April 1 ».

This Monday the head of the Department, José Luis Ábalos, has promised that the loans will be granted to citizens retroactively, this is to pay the rents from April 1. But the money has not yet arrived. “This week we will be signing the agreement for the measure to apply retroactively from April 1,” the minister announced during his appearance in Congress on these credits to pay the rent, which is estimated to will benefit some 450,000 tenants, Europa Press reports.

Is one of the ‘star’ measures of the housing-related aid package that the Government approved in late March to alleviate the effects of the crisis in this sector.

Under this measure, the Ministry will sign an agreement with the ICO for a term of up to fourteen years by which a line of guarantees will be enabled with state coverage for the referred amount of 1,200 million euros so that, in turn, the banks offer loans to tenants with difficulties.

In this way, hePeople who live for rent in a home owned by a private individual (85% of cases) and whose economic situation has been affected by the crisis, may request one of these loans through their financial institution to pay up to six months rent.

The Ministry prepares an Order specifying the requirements that the loan recipients.

However, it has already been established that their achievement will not entail any expenses or interests for those who request them, which will also have a six-year return period, with possibility of an extension of four more years.

In addition, the bank will pay the loan amount directly to the owner of the apartment, thus avoiding uncertainty of a possible non-payment of the tenant.

To articulate the loans, the ICO once it signs the agreement with the Ministry, will formalize the guarantee contracts with the banks for said maximum amount of 1,200 million euros.

The department headed by Ábalos will pay the banks the commissions than credits have for administration and management expenses and the corresponding ones as well as the interests, which will suppose a maximum amount of 123.6 million euros.