The Greek party is declared a “criminal organization” and its leader is condemned

The Greek Justice has declared the neo-nazi party leader Greek Golden Dawn guilty of “Run a criminal organization”

In addition, the criminal court of Athens declared this Wednesday to Yorgos Roupakias, party member Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, guilty of the murder of an anti-fascist rapper in 2013. Left-wing activist Pavlos Fyssas was killed with a knife on September 18, 2013, at the age of 34, in front of a cafe in his Keratsini neighborhood, a western suburb of Athens. His killer, who acknowledged killing him, can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Athens Court of Appeal has ruled that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party is a criminal organization at the end of a process that has spanned more than five years and the result of which has been received with applause by the around 20,000 people who had gathered in the streets of the Greek capital.

The criminal investigation began after the September 2013 murder of 34-year-old rapper Fyssas Pavlos, known by the stage name Killah P., who was stabbed to death by a man who worked in the cafeteria in Las Vegas. party offices.

More than 60 members of the far-right formation have sat on the bench, including its leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, who is therefore responsible for running a criminal organization. The court has also found the alleged perpetrator of the murder of the rapper, Giorgos Roupakias, guilty.

The crowd crowding the court of appeal, including the former prime minister Alexis Tsipras, has held the verdicts. Also the mother of Fyssas Pavlos was present in this mobilization, excited after learning of the sentence, according to public television ERT.

Golden Dawn became the third force parliamentarian of the country with 18 of the 300 seats in Parliament, from where she denounced that this investigation is a judicial persecution against its members. However, in the last parliamentary elections in Greece, the formation failed to exceed the 3 percent of the votes it needed to obtain representation.