the heartbreaking words of his son after his death

Fran Alvarez, ex-husband of Bethlehem Esteban, died on February 9 at 43 years of age. The body was found lifeless at home around noon. The waiter, after fighting for a long period of time against his addictions, has left a great void in all his family and friends, especially his only son.

The 22-year-old is desolate. He has hung a letter dedicated to his father, sincering in how he feels after this hard blow: “so many things happen to my mind that I don't know whether to explain how I feel (…) I am very sad that you stopped fighting, above all because you had a lot of people worried about you, people who wanted to help you get out of your problem, ” The young man publishes.

Further, the son of Fran Álvarez He wanted to express how proud he is to have had that father and, he said, that everything beautiful that happens from now on, will be dedicated to him: “Give me strength to continue and that you can see all the cool things that are happening to me, because I dedicate all this to you, Dad. And I hope you are proud of me. Rest in peace".

His ex-wife, Belén Esteban, reappeared last Tuesday on television after having been unspoken and away from the media since the day of his death. The collaborator wanted to break their silence by sending a message to the whole family of their ex-partner, wishing them all the encouragement and love of the world in these hard times for them: “I want to send a big hug to all his parents, his brothers and his son, but especially I want to send it to his mother, Maruja”, expressed.

Fran ÁLvarez and Belén Estebán

On the other hand, Bethlehem Esteban She also revealed that she has been offered many exclusives to talk about Fran, but that she has flatly refused to do any out of respect for him and his entire nearby circle. Paracuellos has said that she feels that people do not know her at all if they think that at some point it has crossed her mind to go to “Save Me Deluxe” as a guest to profit from the death of her ex-partner.

Fran Álvares and Belén Esteban

Regarding the message that Fran's only son sent to the networks, 'The princess of the people' wanted to make it clear that the young man's childhood had been very happy and with many good times to remember, and that it is totally unfair to say or think otherwise.