The 'heiress' of Lady Di, after her steps in Marbella

Neither Meghan Markle nor Kate Middleton. If there is a woman who can be considered an heiress of Lady Di, that is undoubtedly her niece, Kitty Spencer. Count Spencer's daughter and Victoria Lockwood It has a great resemblance to the missing princess who goes far beyond the physical. Despite not belonging to the Royal Family, Kitty has managed to become one of the most relevant women in the British social landscape and her influence transcends the borders of the United Kingdom, to the point that she now arrives in Spain.

Kitty Spencer in a file / Gtres image

Puerto Banús has chosen the Count's daughter as an ambassador for her half century of existence. Kitty will be the protagonist of the global communication campaign that will be presented at the end of this month at the legendary Marbella enclave, which has been a meeting point for VIPs and Royals throughout its history.

The young woman, who has just committed to the billionaire Michael Lewis -from who they separate more than thirty years- rThis is how Lady Di's link with our country, which had its peak in Mallorca in the late eighties and early nineties. A trip that reminds us of some of the most endearing images of the Princess of Wales with her children.

The choice of Kitty spencer As an ambassador for Puerto Banús, it is no accident, since the young woman, in addition to her ties to the Windsor family and the British aristocracy, is an icon of good taste and elegance. In the 90s, Diana of Wales and Prince Carlos chose the Andalusian town as the perfect place to enjoy their summer vacations with her two children, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Diana of Wales lady di influencer
Diana of Wales in a file image / Gtres

The chosen place was none other than the mansion that the banker Christopher Balfour had in Marbella – and that he put up for sale in 2018 for a million and a half euros – where the princes, who were close friends of the banker, spent the summer and found a Summer shelter protected by the mountains in the area. In spite of the couple's care, he could not prevent Diana, who was 36 years old at the time, taking topless photographs in the nearby town of Mijas and that never came to light.

Interestingly, the anniversary of Puerto Banús has coincided with the recent filming of some episodes of the series “The Crown” in Malaga and Almeria, in which the actors Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor have been seen playing Lady Di and Carlos from England and recreating some of the most memorable moments of his life.

A ‘snub’ to the family

Just a few days ago the newspaper ‘The times‘Published the news that Kitty was doing catechesis to convert to Judaism, a religion professed by her fiancé. A situation that could well be interpreted as a contempt for his family, which is not only Anglican, but has a direct relationship with Queen Elizabeth, who is the head of the Church. A position that Prince William will occupy in the future.

Kitty spencer
Kitty Spencer, dressed as Dolce & Gabbana / Gtres

However, this question is somewhat peculiar if one takes into account that religion is the smallest of the differences between the two: age and social origin are the most important. However, it seems that Kitty is taking it very seriously and has been taking classes for four months to convert to the religion of her future husband, although she has not decided on the branch she will choose – probably statistics, which is what those choose They become for love. Now we just have to wait until the details of the link are confirmed, among which stand out in addition to the guests, if Kitty will follow the trail of Diana of Wales and Tiara Spencer will wear, since she does have full right to use it.