The leader of Ciudadanos, mother of her first child with Xavier Cima

The day has finally come that Inés Arrimadas I had been waiting so long, the birth of your child. A highly anticipated child whom he has presented on his social networks with a tender photograph in which the hand of the little boy intertwined with that of his parents appears. «Today little Alex has come into the world. We really wanted to see his face! 🥰🥰🥰 », begins by writing that of Citizens, who is living the happiest day of his life.

Although it was she who gave the good news, in the post she also spoke for her husband, Xavier Cima. “We’re immensely happy and very excited about this great gift that has given us life. Thank you very much to all of you who have sent us your best wishes. Everything went very well and we are in perfect condition 😊 ».

Although in recent days he has remained at the foot of the canyon, Inés is aware that now the most important thing is the little one and, for him, he will take a well-deserved rest. “Now I will enjoy a few weeks of maternity leave to be able to devote full attention to our child. Kisses to all from the family! 👨‍👩‍👦🐕‍🦺 ».

Inés Arrimadas has worked almost until the last moment / Gtres

Although it has been a very beautiful few months, it has also been very intense as it should be remembered that Albert Rivera’s resignation put him at the forefront of the orange party. Inés Arrimadas has not only had to adapt to the position of president of Ciudadanos, but also to everything that the coronavirus crisis has entailed.

Inés Arrimadas has been at the foot of the canyon almost until the last momentOr, his last public appearance is this past Saturday, in which he participated in a digital meeting with some Citizen activists. After so much work, now it’s time to focus on your babyé, to which he will dedicate himself body and soul for several weeks.

Inés’s pregnancy was known last October and not by herself, but by Ana Rosa Quintana, who revealed it in her program. “I am very sorry, maybe I have gone a little ahead, but they have given me the news and I have to give it …”, said the journalist, leaving everyone with their mouths open. The arrival of this baby is the best icing on the Arrimadas love story, which this July will celebrate its fourth wedding anniversary with Xavier.