The letter of repentance from the fans to the gypsies who humiliated in the Plaza Mayor

In the letter sent to the National Federation of Gypsy Women, Kamira, the fans are apologetic and apologize for treating women who beg for money in a disrespectful way. In the letter that we show today in OKDIARIO the four Dutch people attribute their behavior to the large amounts of alcohol they had drunk that day and they are deeply sorry. Today they have been sentenced to 3 months in prison and to pay 1,500 euros to each of the women they humiliated.

“On March 15, 2016 our team, PSV Eindhoven, played a match against Atlético de Madrid in the second round of the Champions League …” This is how the letter that the defense of the fans presented during the trial this morning begins to demonstrate the repentance of the accused. In it they wanted to make it clear that they had acted on their own outside the Dutch club and that they had consumed a lot of beer when the events took place on the terraces of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. After the excuses comes the repentance and the apology “In our drunken state we have treated these women in a disrespectful way … although at the time we were not aware of the humiliation that these women must have felt after the events, we realized that our very serious mistake… ”and they end the letter with“ it was never our conscious intention to disrespect or humiliate these women. We are deeply sorry and want to offer our heartfelt apologies in the hope that they can be accepted. “

That day the cameras of different media recorded how the fans harassed a group of Romanian women asking for money in the Plaza Mayor. The fans threw beer cans at them, forced them to do push-ups in exchange for giving them money and even burned five-euro bills in their faces “in a humiliating behavior due to the ethnic origin and social condition of women.”

Today by videoconference from the Netherlands the fans have repeated their allegations before the prosecution and the accusations that they requested three years in prison and 600 euros of compensation for each woman for a crime against fundamental rights. The victims have not appeared since they are in Romania but the Kamira association has done so as an accusation. Finally, a conformity agreement has been reached whereby the fans assumed the blame in exchange for a three-month prison sentence that they will not step on, indemnify each of the victims with 1,500 euros and three years of disqualification from teaching or sports activities.