The Madrid nightclub apologizes and describes the party of people dancing without a mask as a “specific event”

The managers of Teatro Barceló de Madrid have issued a statement in relation to these images, the content of which they claim to be “sorry”, in order to “clarify the specific event that took place at a specific time, coinciding with the closure of the activity of the premises ».

In the statement, they detail that “at the moment the room is collecting all the information in order to be able to correctly interpret these images, as a specific and extraordinary event, in the context of the end of the session and as a consequence of a spontaneous reaction of a part of the public, located in a very specific area of ​​the room ».

«In this sense, and wanting to place the 9 seconds of the video in context, the room wants to make it clear that immediately after the images, the room’s access control personnel reacted with the greatest speed by expelling the group of people from the premises. he participates in the images, due to non-compliance with health regulations ”, say those responsible for the Teatro Barceló nightclub in Madrid.

They will reinforce security measures

They add that «assuming what happened, but wanting to value the reaction capacity, the commitment to safety and the rigor in compliance with the regulations, accredited by the room throughout its entire trajectory and especially during this period so difficult caused by the health crisis “, the room” will reinforce the necessary internal measures to ensure that an event of these characteristics cannot occur again. “

“Understanding the discomfort that these images can cause, the room wants to convey a message of responsibility and commitment, as it has been acting throughout its history,” add those in charge of Teatro Barceló de Madrid.


Likewise, the Barceló Theater in Madrid has sent “a sincere message of apology to both public opinion, health officials and colleagues in the entertainment and entertainment sector who may feel negatively affected by the images that have been broadcast.”

After emphasizing “the importance of the rapid reaction of the admission staff who acted immediately before the spontaneous reaction of the public”, the room has highlighted “the involvement” of all the agents that are part of this sector, “but very particularly of the public and clients, whose responsibility is fundamental for the proper functioning of the sessions and the establishments ”.