The missing 87-year-old man is found dead in Nogales

The Civil Guard has confirmed that they have found the body of the 87-year-old man missing since last Tuesday in Nogales (Badajoz). Using a search device made up of the Guardia Civil, the Junta de Extremadura and volunteers from Civil Protection and the Red Cross, the agents have confirmed that the body they found this morning was that of the disappeared.

The man was called Luis Borrego, and he had been missing since last Tuesday when he came to a farm located in Nogales. Here the incessant search began to find him with numerous volunteers in the area to find the missing man.

In the end, it was this morning when the search teams, which had been joined by three specialized aquatic teams, had reported that they had found the body of Luis Borrego lifeless, given that the search for the missing person had been completed.

112 and the authorities responsible for the case and the search for the man Nogales, 87 years old, They appreciate the collaboration of both citizens and emergency personnel displaced to the area to try to find Luis Borrego.