The Moral: The young man run over during a bottle agonized under the car in front of his friends

Arthur and Jimena they knew each other since childhood. They grew up together in “SanPa” and their friendship remained after finishing school. A friendship that is proof of everything. On Monday they decided, with other friends, to spend some time having drinks at the Hole 10, together with the Pony Club of The morale, a secluded area of ​​the urbanization, which becomes quiet (and with views of the skyline de Madrid) when night falls and the bustle of the schools gives way to silence. Arturo and Jimena did on Monday what so many generations of young people from La Moraleja have done for decades, although this time nothing was the same.

Witnesses and police sources tell the story of a accident and of a dramatic scene that, surely, will be marked in the memory of all those who were there. Especially from Arturo and Maribel, the parents of the boy run over. And Jimena too. Whatever Justice says at the end, in the young memory of her 20 years a September 14 will remain forever.

The night had been like so many. Or not. Because the alcohol ran excessively for Jimena, the witnesses say. Those who know her speak of a “good girl” who did not drink and little used to such excesses. But she insisted on drinking… and driving. She’d been at it for a while, trying. Arturo and her friends had prevented it. One of them even hiding the car keys that would later become a deadly weapon. Between laughs and drinks, Jimena accessed the car. It was already 3.30 in the morning.

Arturo and two friends were leaning on the hood. Something happened, which the investigation will determine. The car hit Arturo squarely, hooked his body in the underside and dragged him several meters downhill to some bushes. From the drinks and the laughter to the screams and hysteria. The other two friends were miraculously saved. They managed to avoid the free fall of the vehicle, which Arturo could not avoid.

According to witnesses, Arturo was still alive when they managed to reach the bottom. Was impossible to get it out. They spoke to him, but he did not respond. The car was an impossible mass to move. When the police reached the place, they couldn’t. Something had caught on the boy’s body. «They were in shock. They wouldn’t stop crying. They saw him agonize», Says an acquaintance of the family.

At that time, Arturo and Maribel were sleeping at home, oblivious to the tragedy they were about to experience. The telephone rang. When a phone rings at 4 in the morning, it doesn’t bode well. It did not take the two of them to reach the place.

Firefighters tried to rescue Arturo trusting that someone still had a thread of life. But it was not easy for them to release him. They had to use power saws. When they got him out, nothing could be done for him. Arthur had died. He SUMMA 112 he could only certify his death. It is difficult to write the pain that the parents felt. The psychologists had to attend to them.

What happened?

Why did the car hit Arturo? The versions differ here in the details, according to witnesses. She has told the police that she did not get to drive, that she did not drive, that she was simply sitting in the car, that she started it and that by mistake it went out of control. The police have questioned the witnesses. Some say that she forgot to apply the handbrake and that the car fell down the embankment under its own weight.

La Moraleja is one of the best known and most exclusive luxury developments in all of Spain. Today is a sad place. “Here we all know each other”says a mother broken by pain, although the drama has not reached her.

Jimena has known a few hours ago, between the hangover of a bottle, the dungeons of the Plaza de Castilla where hard, gruesome stories, and people of all walks of life gather every day. She was arrested on the spot for an alleged crime against road safety resulting in death. The judge has released her on charges, but for a crime against road safety without result of death. Jimena does not have a driving license and exceeded, the alcohol rate allowed, gave a blood alcohol index of 0.66 milligrams per liter, when the maximum allowed is 0.25. The investigation is directed by the Local Police of Alcobendas. Your Honor will determine the responsibilities. Arturo will not return. I was 19 years old. And for Jimena, from that bottle on Hole 10, nothing will be the same in his life. It was not worth it.