The most extreme result of the passage of this famous operating room

If only a few days ago Leticia Sabater It was news again for its surreal carol il Trinchame el turvo ’, now returns to the media arena for a very different reason. The reason? The final result of his last aesthetic operation, an abdominal marking, which has brought out its six pack. An image in which you can see perfectly how it has been after a long recovery and in which he poses with a yellow bikini that has left many of his followers speechless.

And, although it is true that this photograph seemed merely promotional for his last song, Leticia herself wanted to use it to thank her followers for all the positive words she is receiving. «Thank you all very much, I already told you what happens that we had to wait a couple of months for the abdominal history was deflated, but I already knew how it was going to be because of that I was very calm. I appreciate your compliments a lot, ”the presenter also wrote in this post.

There have been many messages that Leticia has received in the last hours, most of them astonished at how good the singer is. And it is that not only would have intervened a few months ago of this operation, but also an increase in buttocks, among other aesthetic touches.