The most shocking images of the assault of Donald Trump’s followers on the US Capitol

The followers of still President Donald Trump have sown chaos this Wednesday by breaking into the interior of the Capitol, in Washington DC, minutes after the joint session of the House that was to certify the victory of the Democratic candidate began Joe biden, in the legislative elections of last November 3.

Waving US flags and shouting slogans, the protesters have managed to enter the interior of the Capitol, where several agents of the Police and the secret service they have come to draw their weapons to contain the assault. Finally, the Police have done use of tear gas to contain the protesters and vacate the building.

Donald Trump himself had taken it upon himself to ignite the spirits of his followers by announcing that he will never accept the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden. The mayor of Washington DC has decreed a curfew in the capital until tomorrow Thursday, at 6 in the morning, to try to contain the disturbances in the streets.