the most surprising memory of his son Aless

Alessandro Lequio is being one of the names of the week for two reasons. The first was his visit to the cemetery where his son Alex rests. And the second for being the indirect protagonist of the heartbreaking interview that Ana Obregón gave this week. Through the pages of ‘Hello’, the mother of her son explained her emptiness and how she felt after losing what she loved most in this world.

Now, the Italian count has returned to be the protagonist for his latest Instagram post. Lequio has posted a snapshot of his son with a mysterious blonde girl whom he kisses on the cheek, on a night out. The title was also somewhat enigmatic: “Aless and the #alessforever #lequiocity girls.” What was Alessandro Lequio referring to? What has become clear is that the photo has caused various reactions in its ‘timeline’. There were those who reminded him that his son resembled him even in that power of seduction that the television collaborator has always displayed; But there are also those who have not liked anything that publishes a photo of Álex Lequio with another girl who is not his girlfriend, Carolina Monje.

In any case, Alessandro Lequio and Ana Obregón are beginning to get used to living with grief as a traveling companion. The Italian is more reserved than the actress and he prefers not to give great exclusives to talk about his pain, but he understands perfectly that she does: «You know my option, to live it inside, without sharing it, and so I want to continue doing it, but each one of us carries the pain as we can. It is an eternal pain with which we will have to learn to live the rest of our lives, “he added excitedly. “As much as they hug us, only Ana and I can understand what we are going through and what we will go through the rest of our lives, that’s how it is,” he commented in ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’.

Álex Lequio’s mother opened up on the channel to reveal her feelings six months after losing her son: «The day he left, well I left and all I know is that I will never be the same again. I want to live this duel because it is what Alex deserves. He deserves the integrity of the duel, I don’t want to be strong, I cry every day. Despite wanting to disappear from the face of the earth, Ana Obregón is determined to continue with her son’s legacy and that is why she is creating the Aless Lequio Foundation to collect benefits in the fight against cancer.