the movement that fills the fridge of those who suffer the most from the pandemic

People who take care of people, so is ‘Madrid x Madrid’, a citizen movement that was born to alleviate the food needs of the most vulnerable population it has left the Covid-19 pandemic. And, for this, to be able to raise resources with which to provide Madrileños needy something as basic as have a plate of food on the table a crowdfunding It will be donated between various foundations and NGOs in Madrid that distribute food inside and outside the capital.

“If each one of us brings our hearts closer we can help all those people to overcome this difficult moment”, Manuel Pérez de Camino, one of the promoters of ‘Madrid x Madrid’. “If three million people, they explain, donate 3 euros, they make a total of 15 million euros in resources to help people who suffer the most the consequences of the pandemic, “he adds.

According to the UN, 270 million people worldwide will have nothing to eat

It is not at all a trivial request. The lack of access to food by the population, even in developed countries in Europe or the US, is raising alarm bells from international institutions. In fact, according to the UN report ‘Impact of Covid-19 on food security and nutrition’Up to 270 million people can end the year looking at acute hunger. In other words, without having anything to put in your mouth. They also estimate that the number will rise to 270 million people, that is, twice as many as before the pandemic.

In the case of Madrid, the City Council of the capital foresees the greatest food crisis in families since the post-war period and provides meals to 82,000 people, 36,000 families, from the 21 districts, in addition to the elderly and children from nursery schools. From all these families, according to the same sources, the neighborhood groups feed 20,000 of them.

In this sense, Pérez de Camino details, “the Madrina Foundation, which is one of the NGOs with which we collaborate, has gone from distributing food from 600 to 2,000 families due to the health crisis. Among them are people without jobs and without income to access the most basic thing that is food, but there are also other people who never thought they would be there because they had their businesses and their income ».

Therefore, before this food emergency which, foreseeably, will spread in the coming months among the various layers of the population, are more necessary than ever empathy and solidarity. At this time, the collection of ‘Madrid x Madrid’ is already running and will be active until next time June 24, although they do not rule out extending the term. Currently the micro donations amount to more than 145,000 euros, although the objective set is in the million euros.

Pérez de Camino comments that «the effort is worthwhile, we need people who read this to say: ‘This message is for me’. In short, have empathy and see that we need everyone who can get involved because we can be any of us.

“We have the firm will to change things”

He also explains that they have chosen Madrid because “there are many people who are having a bad time, we could take it to more places, but the capital has been ground zero of the pandemic in Spain, but we have the soul to export it to other parts of Spain. Help is needed in many ways, from food to psychological help. ” They believe from ‘Madrid is Madrid’ that the sum of small things has a very broad positive impact on the society where we operate. “We have the firm will to change things”, Pérez de Camino details.

The collection of donations is distributed equally among Pan y Peces Foundation, Madrina Foundation, iHelp Foundation –For those challenges related to food in Madrid–, Balia Foundation, as well as the Social Services Centers of the Madrid City CouncilThey distribute food at various points outside and within the city.

How can I make a donation to ‘Madrid for Madrid’?

It can make a donation to help the population most affected by Covid-19 in Madrid through different channels:

In addition to microdonation, you can also become movement ambassador ‘Madrid x Madrid’ and publicize the initiative on social networks by quoting hashtags #MadridxMadrid and #ArrimaElCorazon.