The murderer confessed was investigated for the death of a prostitute in April

The author confessed to the murder of Marta Calvo, the missing young woman in Manuel (Valencia), had already been investigated by the National Police for the death of another woman last April. The case was closed because the autopsy revealed that the death was due to natural causes.

José Ignacio T.J., a Colombian national and 38 years old, was the last client of a woman who worked in prostitution before passing away in april, that's why the police investigated him. With her he would have used cocaine and when he was unwell he did not help her. Finally the woman went to the hospital and died there.

Confess the crime

Jorge Ignacio Palma appeared at dawn in the Carcaixent barracks telling the guards that he was the person they had been looking for for 25 days. The barracks is at less than ten kilometers of the house that the suspect had rented in the name of his mother in the town of Manuel.

During his statement, Jorge has finished telling that he got rid of the body in several containers after dismember your body. The Civil Guard has immediately resumed the search for the missing girl since last November 7.

In fact, the judicial police of the Civil Guard has ordered the suspension of the activity of the plant of Guadassuar recycling (Valencia) to investigate whether the body of the young woman or the remains of the same may have reached these facilities.

The investigation is currently focused on recovering the mortal remains of the young woman, after the suspect has confessed He cut it up and threw the parts into several containers.

"If the container has left Manuel or Carcaixent it should have reached this recovery center, where they are classified the remains Any piece larger than nine centimeters is detected, so it is practically impossible for a human remainder to have been overlooked, "said the head of the Guadassuar domestic waste recovery complex.