the musician's life beyond his songs

Joaquin Sabina He is still admitted to the Ruber clinic in Madrid after the fall that took him from the stage, from the stage and from the concert he was offering with his friend Joan Manuel Serrat on Wednesday, February 12. That same day the singer-songwriter was 71 years old and, although during the following day his audience held his breath after knowing that in addition to various fractures in the shoulder he had suffered an intracranial trauma, – as he recites in his song – “life went on”.

There are countless Andalusian lyrics that are part of the popular songbook. ‘Who else, who less’, has intoned ‘and they gave us ten’, shouted ha that of the lame pirate ’and cried with the‘ wedding nights ’of the singer. But Sabina's shadow is lengthened beyond music, and there are several poems and sketchbooks that the artist has published.

Recognized leftist militant, scoundrel confessed and friend of excess, Joaquín Ramón Martínez Sabina has lived a lot, has boasted about it and has not hidden even one of the bills that the bad? Life has charged him. In 2001 the musician suffered a stroke that he could dodge without health consequences but that, as he has told, changed his life.

Joaquin Sabina,

Father of two daughters and lover of ‘all women’, the bowler artist has been with Jimena Coronado for 21 years. The muse who inspired the song "Rosa de Lima" and the poet met in Peru during the presentation of one of the author's works. She was a newspaper photographer Trade and their love story began at the same moment they saw each other. The couple lives in the flat that Sabina has in Madrid's Plaza de Tirso de Molina and, as revealed Joan Manuel Serrat Last November, he just got engaged.

Joaquín Sabina and Jimena Coronado
Joaquín Sabina and Jimena Coronado / Gtres

When on the day of his birthday the author of 'City Fish' reappeared in a wheelchair on the stage from which he had disappeared due to a false step he made a promise: Sabina said that the concert he had just suspended would take place in the Month of May. And so it must be, because he always keeps a pact, when it is between gentlemen.

With a concert in good company and the wedding with the woman of his life pending his full recovery, Joaquín Sabina knows that the show and life must continue. There are plenty of reasons.