The networks trolled him and filled the hashtag #ProudBoys with gay kisses after mentioning it in the debate with Joe Biden

The label #ProudBoys, used by a far-right musical group that was a trend last week after the presidential debate in the United States, was taken by the LGBTQ community since the weekend and this Monday he continued to flood Twitter with images of gay pride. The campaign on social media takes place almost a week after the president Donald Trump refuses to condemn the Proud Boys (Proud Boys), a male-only nationalist group that proclaims the superiority of the white race.

Trump called on them to “back off and wait” – in what the same group saw as a sign of recognition – as he lashed out at “far left” extremists. The hashtag that was linked to the organization was taken over over the weekend by an avalanche of users who began to post photos of gay couples, memes and love messages.

The star of “Star Trek” and a community icon, George takei, proposed the idea to 3.1 million followers on Twitter. “What if gay guys take pictures of each other kissing or doing very gay things, then tagging themselves with #ProudBoys,” he wrote. I bet it would bother them a lot. #ReclaimingMyShine (Recovering my shine) ».

Thousands of people, including politicians, TV stars and even the Canadian military heeded the call and flooded the networks. The congressman Carlos G. Smith, Florida’s first Latino LGBTQ legislator, tweeted a series of photos with his partner with the caption: “Your two favorite #ProudBoys are ready and ready to vote.”

Bobby berk, one of the animators of the Netflix show “Queer Eye”, published a photo with the message: “Look at these cute #ProudBoys (#retweet and make this hashtag about love and not hate”.

Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, told CNN that he did not consider the campaign “offensive” because the organization is not homophobic. It’s not an insult. We are not homophobic. We don’t care who people sleep with. People think it’s going to bother us. It is not like that, “he said, before criticizing that the movement was” trying to drown our supporters, trying to silence us. ” Two days after the debate, Trump tried to quell the criticism by stating in an interview on Fox News that he condemns “all white supremacists.”

One of the tweets that have been retweeted the most is a message from the account Canadian Forces In USA (@CAFinUS), from the Canadian armed forces in its neighboring country the United States, in which a Canadian military man kisses, who presumably would be, his partner.