The New Team 7 (volume)

The New Team 7
The New Team Seven (新生第七班, Shinsei Dainanahan)
Volume Info
Previous He’s Bad News
Volume 11
Next True Identity
Pages 176
Release Date
Japanese May 13, 2020 (ISBN 978-4-08-882290-7)
English May 04, 2021 (ISBN 978-1-9747-2095-8)
Self-Healing Technique • Lightning Release: Snake Lightning • Lava Release: Planet-Branding Blast • Dark Cloud • Rasengan: “Unison” • Hidden Shadow Wild Snake Hands

The New Team 7 (新生第七班, Shinsei Dainanahan) is volume 11 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 40

The Invisible Jutsu” (見えざる術, Miezaru Jutsu)

Shikamaru is frustrated the children left without even knowing how many enemies to expect fighting. He is informed that Sasuke has returned, but is seriously injured and unconscious, so they’ll have to wait until they can follow. Boro notes their location is only accessible through space–time ninjutsu and asks Kawaki how he got there. Kawaki ignores him and asks about Naruto. Boro is intrigued by Kawaki’s attachment to Naruto, and teasingly reveals Naruto is sealed in the container he’s holding. When Boruto asks what they did to him, Boro throws them the container, telling them to check for themselves. As Boruto examines it, Boro explains only Jigen can undo the seal, and advises them not to force it open, as he can’t guarantee the contents’ safety. Kawaki senses Naruto’s chakra inside with his prosthetic hand. When he turns to face Boro, he’s disappeared, having used the container to distract them. Mitsuki detects his incoming attack from below, a surge of acid. Kawaki sees the acid engulfing Naruto’s seal, and moves to absorb the acid with his Kāma. He’s relieved when he checks it for damage and finds none. Boro uses Kawaki’s distraction to douse him in acid, but Boruto steps in and absorbs it as well, confirming Delta’s report on Boruto. Boruto calls out Boro on sneaking around, who challenges Boruto to come at him. As he does, Boro weaves hand seals. Boruto charges, against Sarada’s warnings, stressing them don’t have time to waste. Boruto lands a Rasengan, and Boro comments on its strength as he heals from the damage.

Kawaki advances, wanting to overwhelm Boro’s ability to regenerate with constant damage. Sarada notices Boro’s hand seals again. Kawaki strikes, modifying his arm to toss Boro around. Boruto prepares to strike another Rasengan, but suddenly falls to the ground paralysed. Kawaki is also unable to move. He notices a dark mist from Boro’s jutsu, but is unable to absorb it. Boro kicks Kawaki. Sarada wonders why they can’t absorb the mist when they’ve been able to absorb all other jutsu. Boro addresses Boruto as Momoshiki’s vessel, expressing gratitude for relaxing the time constraints on Kara’s plans. Mitsuki attacks with Wind Release, trying to push Boro aside, but his dark mist remains in place. Mitsuki attacks with a lightning snake, which Boro blocks with a water wall. Mitsuki’s actual snakes go around the wall, and wrap around Boro. Boro simply moves himself, using the snakes to pull Mitsuki and throw him down. As the snakes release him, one of them bites him, envenoming him. He weaves seals and heals. Mitsuki is concern by their long exposure to the mist, and Boro moves to end Mitsuki, as he’s only interested in the vessels. Sarada throws a huge boulder at Boro, giving them an opportunity to take Boruto and Kawaki, and retreat. Boro notes he still has Naruto, and challenges Kawaki to return. Kawaki accuses Sarada of abandoning Naruto, but she denies it, saying they’d have been defeated. Sarada stresses they need to figure out Boro’s jutsu first, and emphasises teamwork is their basic tenet as shinobi. They prepare to counterattack.

Chapter 41

The New Team 7” (新生第七班, Shinsei Dainanahan)

Kawaki stresses they must avoid Boro’s mist, which continues to affect them even after they got out of its range. Sarada and Boruto are confused, because she saw him weave hand seals, meaning it’s ninjutsu, while Boruto points out Kāma couldn’t absorb it, despite having no trouble doing so to his Lava Release. Kawaki explains Kāma can only absorb chakra-based substances, for example, a Water Release created by one’s own chakra, but not a Water Release which controls already existing water, concluding Boro’s mist isn’t chakra-based. Mitsuki reveals he had his snake trap a bit of the mist, and asks Sarada to focus her Sharingan so they can learn what it is. Mitsuki warns her she’ll only have one chance to analyse it before it disperses, and cautions her not to get in contact with it. Sarada is able to determine the mist is made of viruses, meaning the others were infected and are sick. Mitsuki is glad to confirm his hypothesis, which he formulated based on the symptoms they displayed. Since they also don’t know of any ninjutsu which creates viruses, they conclude Boro creates them through scientific ninja tools. Mitsuki has an idea to deal with the viruses, but stresses they need a commander, and based on her earlier idea to retreat, nominates Sarada. Sarada moves out and addresses Boro, saying they figured out his jutsu. Sarada asks him what he thinks they should do, and Boro says no ninjutsu can be used against it, and charges at her. He uses his Lava Release, which she counters with her Fire Release, maintaining a distance between them. Sarada notices he lacks speed, and uses a wide spread Fire Release, which he blocks with a water wall.

Sarada loses sight of Boro, and realises he’s circling her, leaving her surrounded by viruses. Sarada jumps, as Boro expected, allowing him to intercept her and toss her down where his viruses are. Boro tells her the virus acts fast, and picks her up. He dismisses her sign weaving, and she tells him she can’t miss from that close a distance. She hits him a Fire Release to the face, and follows up with a punch and a signal to Boruto and Kawaki, who can move again. She notices Boro’s hand seals. The boys both have their Kāma activated, and Boruto lands a Rasengan, which is augmented by Kawaki, destroying Boro’s head and much of his upper body. Mitsuki arrives and they celebrate the anti-bodies working. Boro stirs, gets up, and regenerates. Kawaki curses his regeneration abilities being greater than he anticipated. Boro is confused on how they got anti-bodies to counteract the virus, as they only exist in his bloodstream, before realising Mitsuki collected some of his blood when his snake bit him. Mitsuki says he likes to collect things, attributing it to Orochimaru’s influence, and that if the attack happened to be actual viruses instead of ninjutsu, Boro would be the one to have anti-bodies against it. Boruto taunts him that his attack won’t work anymore. The four surround him, and Boro rushes to attack Naruto’s seal, causing Kawaki to break formation and go after him.

Chapter 42

Regeneration” (再生, Saisei)

When he sees Kawaki is going after him, Boro releases what appears to be more mist, but is actually gunpowder, which he ignites with sparks from Kawaki’s transformed arm blocking his shuriken. Despite the explosion hitting him, Kawaki moves in to check on the kettle containing Naruto. Boro is disappointed by Kawaki’s change of attitude. Boruto stresses Kawaki should be more careful, though Kawaki assures him he’ll heal right away. Boro comments they’ll have to retrain Kawaki, Boruto says Kawaki is a Konoha citizen now, and Boro responds they’ll be taking him as well for his Kāma. Boruto and Mitsuki go on the offensive. Boruto destroys Boro’s hand with a Rasengan, but Boro regenerates it instantly, and continues to counterattack against the two. Sarada avoids using Fire Release and Lightning Release so as not to spark Boro’s gunpowder, and tries shuriken, but Boro melts them with his Lava Release. Mitsuki elongates his arms and restrains Boro long enough for Kawaki to explode him with Kāma, destroying his lower body. Boro regenerates once more. Kawaki asks Boruto and Mitsuki to buy him time. As the two fight Boro, Kawaki explains to Sarada that Boro’s strategy is to make them exhaust their chakra with his regeneration, but that there’s a way to neutralise it. Boruto attacks with shadow clones, Mitsuki attacks with snakes, and Boro once again creates gunpowder explosions, this time igniting it himself.

Kawaki shares how all Kara members had their bodies modified by Amado with scientific ninja tools but even with all his genius technical skills, his design is still not flawless and that the bigger the tools are the larger their core is. For how strong Boro’s regeneration is, there has to be at least a heart-sized core responsible for it, and if they can find and destroy that core, he won’t regenerate anymore. Sarada points out they’ve destroyed all of his body parts by now, so they should have destroyed it already. He tells her to look for it with her Sharingan, and joins the others in attacking Boro. Mitsuki attacks with Lightning Release, so Boro throws gunpowder his way. Just before Kawaki blows Boro’s head up, Sarada notices him weaving hand seals. She saw a slight movement in his muscles, and confirms something is moving inside him when Boruto lands another Rasengan on him, the last one he has chakra for. Sarada determines the core is in his right flank, but can’t inform the others without alerting Boro, so she decides to destroy it herself. Boro resumes attacking the others. Sarada goes through her jutsu in her head, discarding the ones not strong enough to penetrate his body. She’s also concerned he’ll move the core the moment he notices her taking aim, and concludes she needs something faster than he can weave hand seals. She only has one such jutsu, which she’s still practising, and hasn’t used in battle. Sarada prepares a Chidori, which Boruto recognises as Sasuke’s jutsu. Boro prepares to weave seals, but is hit on his flank by Sarada’s Chidori.

Chapter 43

Manifestation…!!” (顕現…!!, Kengen…!!)

Mitsuki and Boruto explain to Kawaki what the Chidori is. Sarada destroys Boro’s core, causing his scientific ninja tools to go haywire. Boro swells up and goes on a rampage, attacking the surrounding area. Kawaki explains he’s unfocused, but he can still hurt them, so they should focus on saving Naruto instead, who Mitsuki points out might be strong enough to defeat Boro. Since they can’t risk breaking the seal, Kawaki suggests using their Kāma to gate the space inside the seal with where they are, similar to how they got there. They’re successful in freeing an unconscious Naruto, and Kawaki notes he should be ok since his prosthetic hand is still functional. Mitsuki is suddenly slammed down by one of Boro’s newly grown tentacles, knocking him out. Kawaki counterattacks with a Kāma blast, and Boro punches him through the terrain, also knocking him out. Sarada attempts a Fire Release, but Boro grabs her in his overgrown hand before she can finish her hand seals and squeezes her. Boruto kicks him in the elbow, freeing her. Boruto attempts to check on her, but is knocked away by Boro. Boro punches Boruto into the ground, knocking him out, but Boro’s second punch hits just the ground, Boruto having vanished. Boruto floats above Boro, having become possessed by Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki; manifested a horn, his Kāma extending through his entire right side, and his right eye appearing featureless.

Sarada watches. “Boruto” berates Boro as an inferior creature. Perceiving Boruto as an Ōtsutsuki, Boro attempts to punch him, but Boruto destroys his arm with a kick and tosses him aside with another one. Talking about himself in the third person, Boruto comments he’s almost out of chakra, so he flies down to Naruto and absorbs some from him. Boruto continues to toss Boro around as Mitsuki wakes up and observes. Boruto lands an enormous Rasengan on Boro, leaving only a few appendages and a crater behind. Kawaki wakes up and asks Mitsuki what’s happened, who isn’t sure. Boruto talks to himself it’s still ways away he’ll lose it all, before his horn and Kāma recede, and he begins falling from the sky. Mitsuki extends his arm and catches him. Boruto asks what happened, having no memory of it. Sarada notes Boruto seemed like someone else and that Kāma appears to be more dangerous than they thought. At a Kara facility, Koji arrives, and is informed by Amado that Jigen is still not even 10% recharged. Koji asks about Boro and Code, who are respectively guarding Naruto and the Ten-Tails. Amado asks Koji if he’s going to do it, and he confirms he’s taking Jigen down.

Author’s Note

This is a continuation from the previous volume, but while I was buying up Australopithecus boisei on Mercari, I discovered a new ape-man.

Its name: Australopithecus afarensis.
It seems to be part of a sequel series from Kaiyodo, who had also sculpted the Boisei. Boisei’s craftsmanship is brilliant, but Afarensis is of even higher quality. And it appears to be chewing on a zebra leg… In addition, there are even two hair color varieties, black and red. This is bad news.
Why do I like ape-men so much? I’m gonna keep collecting them.

—Mikio Ikemoto, 2020

I’m sure, during the course of your life, there have been times that you felt all alone, or lonely, or helplessly anxious.

Times when you felt like you were in darkness, unable to see the way out, and not sure what to do. But even during such times, manga are always by your side. No matter what is going on, Boruto and the others are your friends. It may be a truly faint glimmer, but we create these books with the intent that they light your path even a little.

—Ukyō Kodachi, 2020

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