The OCU denounces that ITV lasts less due to the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic It has caused an almost complete stoppage of activity in our country. After declaring the State of Alarm on March 14, ITV stations closed their doors.

Now they reopen under strict security measures, but with a long waiting list. It is estimated that there are 5 million vehicles with expired ITV. For this reason, the Government has extended the term so that drivers whose ITV has expired during the Alarm State have more time to pass it.

It is a 30-day extension after the end of the Alarm Status, in addition to 15 additional calendar days for each week that has passed since March 14. That is, if for example the ITV of your car expired between March 28 and April 3, once the Alarm Status ends you have 75 days to pass the inspection.

However, the Organization of consumers and users complaint that the date of the last inspection is the one that marks the expiration of the next one, without taking into account the extension.

That is, continuing with the previous example, let’s say you had to pass the ITV on March 30. The State of alarm ends in principle on June 7. From this date you have 75 days to spend it, so you make an appointment for July 29.

Now, when it is your turn to pass the next ITV, the date on which you passed the last inspection (July 29), but the date you should have passed it (March 30).

The OCU points out that this is a grievance for drivers since they will have to go through the ITV again before it would correspond. That is why it requests the Ministry of Industry to maintain the established deadlines.