The offices in Spain have received more than 103 million visits at the end of 2019

The 2,393 post offices in Spain received more than 103 million visits in 2019, representing an increase of 10.76% compared to 2018. 60.70% of the visits received correspond to customers who went to the post offices for Ship or purchase other products or services.

On the other hand, 39.40% of visits are from clients who go to the offices to pick up their shipments, many of them because they choose them as the delivery point of their online purchases, because of their good location and time amplitude.

These figures indicate the growing potential of the post office network as a sales channel, thanks to its great capillarity and total territorial coverage.

Correos continues to diversify its offer at post offices, beyond the services of admission and delivery, with the incorporation of new products and services whose demand continues to grow. Thus, the post offices in addition to sending all types of shipments with different deadlines and delivery methods, have the service of issuing national and international money transfers for remittances.

They also have the commercialization of the Prepaid MasterCard as a payment procedure and to dispense cash at offices and ATMs, not linked to any bank account. Also, thanks to the agreements reached with entities such as Banco Mediolanum, Evo Bank and Triodos Bank In the offices you can perform basic banking operations such as income, checks, credits …

Further, Correos offers more and more services that put the Administration in touch with the citizen, highlights the Office of Virtual Registry of Entities (ORVE) acting as an entry register for documents addressed to all entities integrated in ORVE (Autonomous Communities, more than 1,100 local entities, universities and General State Administration). Any person wishing to send an official letter to these institutions can do so from a post office.

In the post offices you can pay taxes, receipts of any supply, traffic penalties, recharge mobile, buy tickets for leisure activities, lottery, etc. From mid-October, tickets can be purchased AVE train, long and medium distance in the post offices due to the agreement signed with Renfe

This year Correos has also signed a collaboration agreement with Endesa whereby the supply of electricity and gas services of the energy company is marketed in the post offices.

Y thanks to the agreement reached with O2, dependent on Telefónica, Interested customers may hire telephone services in the mobile and fiber line modalities at the post offices. It is worth mentioning that Pepephone mobile services are also sold from post offices.

Last year has stood out for the expansion of the services to be managed for the General direction of traffic such as obtaining the duplicate of the traffic permit and the vehicle report, in addition to the generalization of the sale of environmental badges that identify the least polluting vehicles of which 1,425,291 labels have been sold.

As for the customer service time, according to the information of the offices that have a shift manager, More than 71% of customers were served in less than 5 minutes, with 88% of customers served in less than 10 minutes.

Correos will continue working to boost and develop the activity of its network of offices, a key asset that guarantees access to the postal public service to all citizens and contributes to territorial cohesion and economic development of citizens and businesses, both in urban areas and in rural areas of Spain.