The organization confirms the tennis players that the tournament will be held in August

The US Open He continues with his idea that the tournament will be played on schedule. In a telematic meeting with tennis players, the organization of the Grand slam He confirmed that the stipulated dates for the tournament are still being held, from August 31 to September 13. On June 15 he will make the final decision.

The organization of US Open It continues erre que erre that the tournament starts at the end of the month of August and has also confirmed to the players that the previous phase of the tournament will be abolished and that the doubles tournament will also be reduced (it would go from 64 to 24 pairs), a decision that can affect around 350 tennis players.

The decision to keep the tournament in August has long been met with skepticism from tennis players, who are reluctant to play the tournament with restrictions. What’s more, Rafa Nadal spoke a few days ago making it clear that “Today I would not like to go play in New York”.

Novak Djokovic He gave a contrary opinion to the organization after stating that: “The US Open wants to go ahead at all costs for economic reasons, but we’ll see what happens, how many players are willing to accept its terms.” The one who will not be in New York will be Federer, who announced Wednesday that he is missing the rest of the season after having surgery on his knee.

No fans and no team tennis players

If it is finally disputed, the US Open 2020 It will have some maximum restrictions that the tennis players have not liked at all. According to the organization’s plans, this would be played without an amateur and limiting the entry of team members to the maximum. The line judges would also be replaced by an electronic system and the tennis players will be tested before and after the tournament.