The Palermo Court paralyzes the file of the death of Mario Biondo

Seven years have passed since the sudden death of Mario Biondo, whom we knew for being the husband of the presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva. Seven years in which his parents, Pippo and Santina, have been waging a battle to clarify what for the Spanish authorities was suicide, and that they they consider that his death was not a voluntary act. There have been up to three autopsies that have been carried out on the Italian camera corps and several reports that contradict each other, but that do not finish giving up on the episode. And when the case would have prescribed on July 21, the Palermo Court has given the Biondo family a new respite, with the postponement of the case being postponed. A breath of fresh air that has done nothing but breathe even more strength into the young man’s parents, who continue to struggle to confirm their suspicions.

While Raquel Sánchez Silva has turned the page, the Biondo family continues to struggle to demonstrate their theory / Gtres

It was the Italian website Le Iene that confirmed this news, further explaining that It will be next October 2 when the Court dedicates itself exclusively to the Biondo Case in a single hearing in which new reports and expert evidence may be provided “that could change the fate of this process”. Among them those of Óscar Tarruella – ex-husband of Mónica Naranjo-, criminologist, ex-man d’Esquadra, and direct collaborator with the family of the ill-fated cameraman, who explains on his own YouTube channel how his investigations are progressing. Among the contributions they will make in the month of October there is an expert report of part and a video reconstruction in 2D that would confirm that Mario died at the hands of other people.

Pippo and Santina Biondo
Mario Biondo’s parents will have a new opportunity in October to demonstrate that their son did not kill himself / Gtres

They are many contradictions surrounding the tragic death of Mario Biondo, and not only those related to the forensic reports. Although at first it was said that it was the housekeeper who would have found the body of the camera at five in the afternoon, a witness says that he saw ambulances in front of the portal where Mario and Raquel lived Sánchez Silva. A statement that coincides with that of two people from the ‘Mastechef’ program team in which he worked. On the day of his death, he had to have gone to his post and his companions admitted that at two in the afternoon they already knew that Biondo would not return.

Mario Biondo
There are many contradictions surrounding the death of Mario Biondo / Gtres

For her part, Raquel Sánchez Silva declared to the authorities that the night her husband died, she was in Plasencia. But according to Le Iene published at the time, the presenter could have spent the night in Madrid at a party organized by Kike Sarasola. The presenter also manipulated Mario’s laptop, according to leaks of his statement, apparently, to delete some personal photographs.

What remains to be clarified?

As the criminologist Óscar Tarruella explained to ‘La Vanguardia’, there are several points that still remain to be clarified and that would give a twist to the conclusions that have been reached so far. According to him, just a day after Mario Biondo’s death, a lot of data was deleted from his computer from an IP address that coincides with that of Raquel Sánchez Silva’s cousin in Plasencia. The mark on the neck of the deceased does not coincide with that of the pashmina with which he was allegedly hanged, and the speed with which the case was closed in Spain concluding that it was a voluntary death is something that also raises his suspicions. To all this is added the role of a man who responds to the name of Nacho Leonardi and who appears to be related to drug trafficking.

Santina’s last message

On July 18, Mario Biondo would have turned 38 years old. A date that her mother does not forget and in which she wanted to have a memory for her son, although her anger is reflected in her words. A heartbreaking and very hard message in which he mentions Raquel Sánchez Silva, to which he also has very present. “Today you would have turned 38 … Assassins, bastards, I will move heaven and earth to give justice to my beloved Mario!”

The beginning of the end

It was mid-afternoon on May 30, 2013 when the news of the death of cameraman Mario Biondo, husband of the presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva, was released. At that time it was said that the communicator was in her homeland visiting her family since the housekeeper had found the body. Hours later the Sánchez Silva returned to Madrid broken in pain, for days later she traveled to Italy to bury her husband. Joined to her in-laws and broken in pain, Raquel said ‘goodbye’ to her husband and the end of her relationship with the Biondos began. Although at first Raquel also supported the theory that her husband had not committed suicide by pointing to a “tragic and unfortunate accident”, she would soon accept the conclusion of the Spanish court that it had been a voluntary death.

A month after Biondo’s death, Raquel returned to work while in Italy the family of the ‘Masterchef’ cameraman defended that he had murdered. And in this they continue and thus they will try to demonstrate it in the hearing of October 2 granted by the Palermo Court, after an arduous fight that has led them to request up to two exhumations of Mario’s body, and numerous expert reports that, among others Conclusions, they admit that the position of the body is not compatible with suicide.