The placement agencies warn of a strong 'prick' in Christmas hiring

There could be a puncture in the hiring of the Christmas campaign. The contracts that will be made in this year's Christmas campaign will not exceed 700,000 and more than 82% will be temporary and part-time. It is the forecast of the National Association of Placement Agencies (ANAC), whose estimates are much worse than those made in recent days by other entities, which suggest that ETTs will make more than one million contracts in this period.

ANAC expects the unemployment rate to close in 2019 at 13.2%, compared to 14.4% in 2018. In its opinion, the latest registered unemployment data, which reflected an increase of almost 98,000 unemployed in the lists of former Inem, were affected by the lack of active employment policies.

Given this situation and the slowdown in the Spanish economy, ANAC proposes several measures to the next Government, including the inclusion of duly authorized placement agencies in the employment plans and the crash plans

"None of the plans for clash against youth unemployment and long-term unemployed have the collaboration of more than 1,700 duly authorized placement agencies," said the employer.

Also raises link vocational training plans for employment with job placement; recover the criteria of labor insertion to young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee plan which were removed two years ago; favor the welfare employment of care, and work on a national pact for labor insertion that allows global operation in the different autonomous communities and that enhances digital employment.