The Police dismantles in Cantabria a prostitution network of women from Colombia

The National Police has dismantled in Cantabria a network dedicated to the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women from Colombia, in an operation in which eight people have been arrested, four in Santander, three in Torrelavega and one in Vinaroz (Castellón), and three women have been released.

The police investigation was initiated as a result of a telephone complaint received in the Service of Attention to the Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings of the National Police (telephone 900 10 50 90), which brought to light the existence of a criminal organization of Colombian origin that sexually exploited women on two floors of appointments located in Santander and Torrelavega.

According to the Police, it is a family clan of Colombian origin that was dedicated to capturing women in a situation of great vulnerability and extreme need for, with false job promises, move them from Colombia to Spain where they were finally forced into prostitution.

After several steps, the agents found that the organization had a very defined structure, being led by a woman which ran the entire network from the municipality of Torrelavega.

On the next level of the organization were his two children, who were in charge of moving the women to Cantabria, the control of the dating floors and the management of the advertisements of sexual services in various Internet portals.

On the other hand, the network had a sensor, resident in Colombia, that he was in charge of capturing vulnerable women with false promises of work in Spain and giving them the money necessary for them to travel to the Peninsula.

Once in Spain, women were transferred to two floors of appointments, one in Santander and one in Torrelavega, where they were received by the managers or "mamis", the last step of the network.

On those floors they were forced, under threats and coercion, to practice prostitution to deal with the debt they had contracted for the expenses of the trip and that amounted to more than 5,000 euros.