The Police reopens the case of the disappearance

The National Police of Malaga has informed Diario Sur that it has reopened one of the oldest unsettled cases of the Spanish black chronicle: the disappearance of the so-called "painter child" of Malaga. The investigators have reopened the case to try to find any type of track or loose end that could escape to shed light on this 1987 case.

David Guerreo, known as the "painter child", he disappeared April 6, 1987 without a trace, and when he went to a gallery where they exhibited one of his drawings dedicated to the Christ of the Good Death. It was near his house, in the scarce 150 meters that his house was stopped from a bus stop. Guerreo was a promising young man in painting, but nothing more was known since this day. I was 13 years old.

The case was provisionally filed in 1996, for not having more open lines of investigation and lack of evidence. On October 4, 2019, David's brother, Julio Guerrero, went to the police station to see a test that a friend of David, Gema, had received in the mailbox of his house. It was a cartoon, handmade, that could be from David himself.

With this new test, the Police of Malaga has decided to reopen the case of the "child painter" one of the most commented cases in the nineties and still to be resolved.