The posing of David Bisbal and Rosanna Zanetti a few days after giving birth

David Bisbal and Rosanna Zanetti They are in full sweet waiting, in fact, there are only a few days left for the happy couple to welcome their second child together. Meanwhile, both are sharing the last moments of this final stretch that is about to end. On Instagram profile from Almeria You can see a most special photograph where the couple appears in a delicate portrait in which they can be seen dressed in white, transmitting a huge connection between them. For his part, the singer wears white jeans leaving the torso exposed while the model wears a kimono of the same tone with embroidered details, revealing her advanced state of pregnancy.

Embraced and with great complicity they have posed before the camera lens. However, it is not the only snapshot in which they can be seen in this way. In the profile of this same social network of Rosanna zanetti You can see how the Venezuelan actress has shared with her followers another image days before giving birth. This time, the couple look at each other lovingly while David Bisbal He gently caresses his wife’s belly. As expected, the post has been filled with positive comments towards the marriage.

Last May Rosanna Zanetti and David Bisbal announced that they would become parents of their second child together. In a photograph showing the entire family, the singer wrote: “I am in love with my family and we are very happy that it continues to grow. 4 months ago we received the best news: Baby on the way! Soon we will be 5 ». Rosanna Zanetti did the same, but with another black and white post from her tummy.

The family continues to grow and we cannot be happier. Baby on the way. The second Sunday of May is celebrated Mother’s Day in my Venezuela and in several Latin American countries. I take this opportunity to congratulate them and send them all my love », confessed the model. Just a month later they revealed the sex of the baby that is on the way. They also made this news share to their followers through social networks. This time they posed covering Rosanna’s tummy, but if the image slid it would reveal that the baby would be a girl! In this way, their first child in common who is already a year old will have a little sister to play with.

During the confinement, the model wanted to answer some questions from her fans, among which they found the one about her birth with Matteo, her first child. “I was in week 38 and I woke up with a little fluid, but it was so little that I didn’t know if I was in labor,” she began by relating. «Without contractions or anything, I was already 3 cm dilated. I decided to use the epidural when I was already 6 cm. She was very calm and calm. People asked me if it was my first birth because I was strong and safe. David was with me at all times and we enjoyed it to the fullest », Rosanna Zanetti confessed.