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The recent UN report that confirms that the regime of Nicolas Maduro has committed crimes against humanity “makes it impossible to hold free elections on December 6.” This is the opinion of the People’s Party delegation in the European Parliament. Therefore, the head of the delegation of the popular in Brussels, Dolors Montserrat, and the MEP Leopoldo López Gil have demanded in writing Josep Borrell that the EU condemn the events denounced by the United Nations and that it does not endorse the holding of these parliamentary elections.

According to Montserrat and López, PP Human Rights spokesman in the European Parliament and father of the Venezuelan democratic leader, these new revelations show that there are no “sufficient guarantees” for holding elections in freedom.

the same Juan GuaidóIn the early hours of Wednesday through Thursday, he had asked the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) not to ignore the UN report and withdraw support for the president, whom he described as a “brutal dictator.”

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, during the press conference this Tuesday


The president of the National Assembly that Maduro wants to end with this “fraudulent” electoral convocation considered that the UN report makes clear “the dictatorial spirit” of the so-called Bolivarian revolution, a “brutal and savage dictatorship.”

“Bolivarian Diplomacy”

For its part, the Chavista regime defended itself by attacking. According to the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, the document “is full of falsehoods”, has been “prepared remotely, without any methodological rigor, by a phantom mission directed against Venezuela and controlled by governments subordinate to Washington.” In fact, Arreaza was the foreign minister with whom Borrell first met as soon as he took charge of the Foreign Ministry in Spain, in June 2018.

At that meeting, the current High Representative of the EU announced to Maduro’s head of diplomacy that Spain “would no longer lead the sanctions policy” against his regime, contrary to what it had done under the government of Mariano Rajoy. Arreaza, in a joint press conference, congratulated himself on the “success of Bolivarian diplomacy” after hearing those words.

This same Thursday, López Gil demanded “clarity” from Spanish political leaders and warned, in an interview with EL ESPAÑOL, that “Borrell and Minister González Laya”, his successor in the post, “must explain if they would accept a half-election , a half dictatorship … either you are a democrat or you are a tyrant. “

Pain Montserrat and Leopoldo López Gil consider that the crimes revealed by the UN are “inadmissible facts” that the EU must denounce. Both have stressed that the report “concludes that there have been committed in Venezuela extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detentions and torture“And that,” far from being isolated acts, these crimes were coordinated and committed in accordance with State policies“.

The only gesture Borrell has achieved in his negotiating efforts, at the head of the Contact Group – which meets this Thursday – is the release of 110 political prisoners in recent weeks. Although the democratic opposition recalls that there are still about 500 people “kidnapped by the regime for their ideas”, 300 civilians and 200 soldiers persecuted for “not bowing to Maduro’s tyranny.”

Thus, the leader popular in the European Parliament and his benchmate also ask Borrell about the situation of political prisoners who are still imprisoned in Venezuela and have asked that he return to demand his immediate release.