The PP notes that the transfer of Social Security to the PNV means the "disappearance of the State" in the community

Transfer the management of the Social Security it will mean the disappearance of Spain from the Basque territory and gives rise to the “definitive end to the way of understanding an organizational model as was the regional model”.

The parliamentary economic coordinator of the Popular Party, Mario Garcés, He said that in addition to the PNV "continue to transfer powers", the Government of Pedro Sánchez also wants to pass ports and airports, "critical institutions," he said.

"If the State does not have critical competencies and ceases to have an institutional presence in something that has functioned as a single model, such as Social Security, the State vanishes and disappears directly from the Basque Country," said the popular spokesman, who has recalled that being the Basque Treasury system itself, "the only thing left was Social Security."

The ‘popular’ deputy has framed this measure within a "state dismemberment agenda" by a government "hostage to all mortgages contracted", and now "its creditors collect their debt."

It also considers that the last transfer "causes the breakdown of the unitary model of Social Security" and has predicted that "if the box were broken, there would be a deficit of around 5,000 million euros" and that, when paying all this management charged to social contributions, in the Government "they will have to explain how they are going to pay those means, if not with an implicit rupture of the cash unit."

«Break the unique box»

In similar terms, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has stated that "breaking the single Social Security box is something extremely serious" and has framed it in the "assignments" of Pedro Sánchez to be president , reports Europa Press.

"Breaking the Social Security box is something that does not only harm Spain but also harms the Basques themselves because solidarity among all Spaniards allows this to be a matter of State to help us all," he said.

After stressing that "it is not possible to defend everyone's defense by defending only one party", he stressed that "the rupture of the single Social Security fund to which Sánchez has committed damages all Spaniards."

That said, he said that the union between PP and Cs in the Basque Country in the next elections "will allow to open a new stage and a project of defense of the common", since they can not allow "the sale in pieces" that Pedro Sánchez is doing in order to continue sitting on the blue bench.

García Egea has insisted that the PP is not going to allow Sánchez to continue in Moncloa "cut important social protection mechanisms such as the Social Security's single box", which must "continue to function and guarantee the maintenance of the system of wellness".