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The Popular Party demanded last Wednesday the immediate release of 11 European citizens imprisoned “unfairly” and “for political reasons” in Venezuela. In his opinion, neither Spain nor Europe “can stand idly by” in the face of the “arbitrariness of the Nicolás Maduro regime”.

Thirteen Spanish MEPs have recorded a video, which they have broadcast on social networks, in which they voice this petition, citing the names of each of the Europeans imprisoned in Venezuela, among which are six Spanish, two Portuguese and three Italians, and the dates of his arrest.

Specifically, they request the release of Ruperto Chiquinquira Sánchez, Jorge Alayeto, Juan Carlos Marrufo, Vasco Da Costa, Juan Planchart, María Auxiliadora Delgado, Hugo Marino, Antonia Yolan, Juan Francisco Rodríguez, Demóstones Quijada and Sergio Termini.

PP MEPs call for the release of European citizens imprisoned by the Maduro regime

Most of them are civilians. Only Juan Francisco Rodríguez, who is accused of military rebellion, and Ruperto Chiquinquira, held positions in the country’s armed forces. The last two, Quijada and Termini, are also team members of the interim president Juan Guaidó, whose government is recognized by dozens of countries and institutions, among which is the European Parliament.

They ask Borrell to “press”

The spokesperson for the Popular Party in the European Parliament and former Minister of Health, Dolors Montserrat, He stressed that “neither Spain nor Europe can stand idly by before the arbitrariness of the Maduro regime.”

“We maintain our leadership in firm defense of freedom, democracy and human rights in Venezuela. You are not alone. We continue to fight for your cause in the European institutions, “he emphasized.

Leopoldo López Gil, MEP of the PP and father of the Venezuelan opponent Leopoldo López Mendoza, recalled that on April 20 the PPE already requested the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, than be “involved and pressured” speaking out for the “freedom” of these people, “unjustly deprived of liberty”.

In early May, López Gil also demanded that Borrell condemn the massacre of Chavista officials at the Los Llanos penitentiary center to suppress a mutiny of the inmates, in which fifty prisoners were killed and 75 were wounded.

The former foreign minister of Spain has not responded publicly to this request from the popular group. On Thursday he announced that the European Union, together with the Government of Spain and “the support of the United Nations organization for Refugees” will organize on May 26 “the International Donors Conference in solidarity with Venezuelan migrants.”