the president of the Federation leaves 60% of the census without vote

Table tennis scandal. The President of the Federation, Miguel Ángel Machado, has left 60% of the census without a vote in the face of the elections to be held at the turn of summer. If the approved electoral regulation goes ahead, the legality of which is now under the magnifying glass of the Superior Sports Council (CSD) given the numerous allegations presented by the territorial federations, almost 4,000 players who had the right to vote in 2016 will not be able to do so now in 2020.

Neither will 343 of the 808 arbitrators be able to do so, neither 185 of the 459 coaches. The hack has even reached the clubs: of the 414 who voted four years ago, now they can only do it 277. And all this without in these years the number of licenses have been reduced.

It rains on wet in the electoral processes of the Table Tennis Federation. In 2016, the CSD forced her to repeat the vote by mail when numerous irregularities were detected. Now, several territorial federations and members of the assembly that must elect the president have presented allegations to an electoral regulation that has suffered a substantial democratic decline.

The anger in players, coaches, referees and clubs is monumental since it is common for the Federation to modify statutes and regulations under Machado’s direction with a frequency that has resulted in constant legal uncertainty.

After 12 years in office, Machado aspires to a new term in a Federation with a budget of almost three million euros a year. However, this time, a rival has arisen that he cannot despise. Marta Pajares, former player of the Spanish National Team and for years president of the Veterans Association, has presented her candidacy with the aim of bringing new times to the Federation.

Pajares is the first woman who aspires with serious options to direct the destinies of a sport that has almost 10,000 licenses in all Spain. His management of the association that brings together veteran players have made him a benchmark for all those who want to open a new stage in the Federation.

However, it is the circumstance that those who have lost the right to vote are those who participate in the Third National, mainly clubs with veteran players, which is where the rival of the President of the Federation has the most faithful support.