The Prosecutor’s Office asks 24 years in prison for the former motorcycle pilot for defrauding 2.7 million

The former motorcycle rider Sito Pons faces a conviction of 24 years in prison and more than 15 million euros, for fines and compensation, requested by the Economic Crime Prosecutor of course fiscal fraud between the years 2010 and 2014.

In the indictment consulted by Europa Press ensures that Sito Pons would have defrauded more than 2.7 million as director of his team, Pons Racing, pretending to live abroad despite residing in Barcelona.

The brief details that Pons rented an apartment in Monaco to get a residence permit and pretend to live there until the end of 2012, and then he did the same in London, “With the desire not to pay taxes in Spain” the personal income tax and the estate tax, but only used those homes when there were motorcycle races in the country.

Pons “maintained a network of companies that served as instrumental companies, some of which reside in tax havens” to avoid paying taxes, and the prosecutor assures that he managed the entire network from the headquarters of his team, in Castellbisbal ( Barcelona).

The defense of Pons, exercised by the law firms Molins Criminal Defense, Cuatrecasas and Picaza Legal, has criticized in a statement the “Wrong assumption” of the Prosecutor’s Office by denying that the former pilot actually lived in Monaco and later in the UK.

He claims that Pons has residence certificates in Monaco and has paid taxes there until 2012, and later in the United Kingdom, including interest on the Pons Racing team, and they assure that “the British authorities themselves have vehemently defended their residence in London against Spain of Mr. Pons in the procedure foreseen to avoid double taxation of taxpayers ┬╗.