The real estate businessman Tomás Olivo increases his participation in Unicaja Banco to 4.55%

The Murcian businessman Tomás Olivo It has increased its commitment to Unicaja Banco after acquiring another 24 million shares, which increases its total participation in the entity’s capital stock to 4.55%, as recorded in the records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). The Murcian businessman has made his fortune with the real estate business of shopping malls.

Tomás Olivo became a significant shareholder of Unicaja after surfacing a 3.064% stake in capital last May, with 49.34 million shares.

After increasing its position to 4.55%, its 73.45 million shares have a market value of 38.5 million euros, according to the current price of 0.524 euros per share.

The businessman, president of General of Commercial Galleries (GGC) and one of the richest Spaniards, controls the shares through his company Desarrollos la Coronela SL.

In addition to the businessman, significant foundations of Unicaja Banco are the banking foundations (49.68%), Indumenta Pueri (5%), Santander Asset Management (4.95%), Fidelity (3.71%) and Santalucía Seguros (3 ,2%).