The real reason for Instagram was discovered

The day on which Jennifer Aniston A profile was created in their social networks meant for many of their followers a before and after. The actress had decided not to succumb to the world of Instagram, however, in the middle of October she fell ‘in her networks’. And revolutionized it. He beat records by achieving the million likes in just one hour and became one of the most followed characters with just one post. Pure magic.

Then, many believed that it had only been a spontaneous act and that, finally, he wanted to show some details of his life. But nothing is further from reality, because everything is related topromotional ctos. Jennifer Aniston is currently in full promotion for the series The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon, a new Apple TV project.

A reason that has led him to have his own profile on Instagram with which, by the way, seems not to do too well. «Everything seems very strange to me. I do not understand, it makes no sense to me (…) I would love someone to explain it to me better, but there it is and now I have to continue with it », has said.

However, what is most uncomfortable according to his latest statements is precisely the lack of intimacy that sometimes has to be such a public character in this network. «Nor did he want to be the only person without Instagram. But I've always wondered why I should open a profile. After all, people were already in the drawer of my underwear before doing so, ” Jennifer Aniston has commented.

Be that as it may, the arrival of the actress on the social network has been a milestone for the followers of ‘Friends’. Many applaud that has fallen into the spell, a spell that, by the way, does not stop growing.