The reconstruction of how 'The Chewing Gum' sank Diana Quer into the well dismantles her lies

"I remember that moment with real horror." These are the words of the professional diver who participated in the reconstruction that the Civil Guard made of the way in which ‘The Chewing Gum’ sank Diana Quer’s body in the well of the Asados ​​factory after killing her. This has been reported in court. The test, whose video you can see in this information of OKDIARIO, was carried out in Cartagena and the Civil Guard chose a diver who had a constitution very similar to Diana Quer when ‘El Gicle’ killed her.

The proof is very relevant because the investigators, and now the accusation, have always maintained that Diana's killer had already planned to dispose of her body in the well of the roast ship but did not have that the body would float. So, according to the researchers, he returned days later to ballast the body with two concrete blocks weighing 18 kg each to make sure the body remained submerged. The ultimate goal of the murderer, according to the indictment, was to ensure that the water erased all traces of sexual assault on Diana's body.

‘The Gum’ maintains that he did not return to the ship. That same night, after kill Diana lastrated the body before throwing it into the well. That he did it so they wouldn't find the body, not to erase the traces of the rape. But a piece of information escapes him: he says that after throwing the ballasted body, he returned in a few minutes to throw Diana's bag into the well and saw the young woman's face floating in the water before leaving.

The evidence that has been visualized live in the trial today and you can see here in OKDIARIO showed that with the ballast of the concrete blocks is impossible Let Diana's body float. So, according to the test, "Chewing gum" lies again. He threw Diana into the pit without ballast and days later he returned to put weight on him and make sure he remained submerged. It was enough for him to leave it in the well, covered, so that they would not find it, but if he wanted to erase the traces of the alleged violation, he needed the body to remain submerged for days. He did it. After 500 days under water any trace disappeared.

Now the accusation tries to show that there is sufficient evidence that sexually assaulted Diana, as for example that returned to ballast the corpse to hide the violation. ‘The Chewing Gum’ and its defense fight to prove otherwise. Sexual assault is what can turn the murder sentence into a Reviewable Permanent Prison.