The resource of the club thrives and Aitor Fernández will not be a polling station

The goalkeeper of 28 years, who had been summoned as a substitute for the polling station and, therefore, was obliged to appear at 8 am in Mondragón, has finally been released from his commitment. He I raised, which already filed a first appeal for Aitor Fernández that he was not accepted for processing, he has seen how his second claim has prospered.

The goalkeeper, who is the only one at his disposal Paco López with Oier injured, may be with the rest of the Levante squad in Bilbao, where his team faces this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Athletic. Interestingly, another player from I raised how Jorge Miramón It had also been called as a polling station. However, in his case, the first appeal presented by the granota painting prospered.

Aitor Fernández hoped that the Levant would make it not a polling station

"The club is doing everything possible so that Sunday does not appear in Mondragón. It is what I know, there is no more. I'm delegating a bit in the club and focusing on the game because I think it will be solved and I will be in concentration", the goalkeeper said recently in Mundo Deportivo.

However, even having been a substitute for the polling station, Aitor Fernández could have been in front of Athletic if his presence had not been necessary: ​​"The club is doing everything possible so that it does not appear to me, but in the case that I had to introduce myself, being in Arrasate, the proximity is less and I would arrive at the game anyway".

As we have in OKDIARIO, the doorman has acknowledged that they have tried to contact the president of the polling station to know if he would fulfill his obligations on General Election Day: "She has been called a thousand times and it doesn't seem right because she is not to blame. But if he has communicated that, it leaves you calmer. "

"I had been told that if you voted by mail, I could not touch you. But we see that it can touch you"he concluded Aitor Fernández.