The Scientific Awards “Resistance to Antibiotics” convened by the AMA Foundation and endowed with € 60,000 are declared void

The jury of the XVIII Scientific Research Awards convened by the AMA Foundation and directed on this occasion to unpublished research works on “Resistance to Antibiotics”, has agreed in a session held on December 18, 2020 to declare the award of the 2019-2020 call void.

The Scientific Research Awards were summoned in the summer of 2019 and were endowed with 40,000 euros for the first prize and a second prize of 20,000 euros. Any original and unpublished work, written in Spanish, that dealt with health research on antibiotic resistance, focused on the prevention and control of their use, the genetics of resistance, the application of good practices in all could be submitted the links in the food chain, surveillance actions and control of their use, sanitary planning in health, etc., the participants must have the condition of mutualists of AMA Seguros.

The deadline to present these works ended on May 31, 2020, at which time the Board of the AMA Foundation proceeded to appoint the members of the jury.

The qualifying jury was chaired by Mr. Serafín Romero Agut, President of the WTO, and of it they were part Mr. Óscar Castro Reino, president of the General Council of Dentists, Mr. Jesús Aguilar Santamaría, president of the General Council of Pharmacy, the former presidents of the WTO and General Council of Veterinarians, Mr. Juan José Rodríguez Sendín and Mr. Juan José Badiola, the doctors and patrons of the AMA Foundation, Mr. Guillermo López García and Mr. Bartolomé Beltrán Pons, as well as Doña Ana Pastor Julián, doctor and Second Vice President of the Congress of Deputies.

After extensive deliberation and analysis of the works presented, and in accordance with the bases of the call, the qualifying jury unanimously agreed to declare the award void “Resistance to Antibiotics”.

During the year 2021, a new edition of the Scientific Awards will be convened, to which the economic endowment of the XVIII Awards (€ 60,000) will be accumulated, and it is expected that the theme of the same will be approved at the next meeting of the Board of the Foundation AMA, chaired by Mr. Diego Murillo Carrasco.