the Spanish firm of installation of electric chargers for cars will jump to Portugal this 2020

The electric vehicles They have come to stay, even though sales progress at a somewhat slower pace than expected. Some of the pitfalls that must avoid sustainable and environmentally friendly cars are several, not only the lack of government aid to permanently renew the current car park, but also possess sufficient autonomy or sufficient recharging points throughout Spain as not to depend on fossil fuels or hybrid engines.

In this context, which will gradually be overcome thanks to the investment in innovation and technology of small and large companies in the automobile sector, initiatives are being created that provide solutions to the problem of autonomy and, therefore, to recharge. One of these companies, born just two and a half years ago, is Emovili, a firm specialized in recharge solutions for mobility.

Emovili, a company with almost 1,900 recharging points

The company makes private and public facilities such as communities of private homes, public roads or work spaces, among others. In addition, as they have indicated in a presentation of the brand this Thursday at the La Moraleja Golf Club in Madrid under the motto ‘Smart Mobility’ Because of Climate Change, they have the customer at the center of their strategy and this, they say, is a differentiating signal with respect to their competitors. Since Emovili They advise their clients on the type of charging point and installation they need, doing the execution, as well as maintaining it.

Francisco Casas, CEO of Emovili, explains that at this time they have a total of “1,845 facilities” and operate throughout Spain. “We have created an academy of installers that cover the entire Peninsula and the map for our 2020 is to be out of Spain, specifically in Portugal" Another step that wants to follow the company led by Casas to continue growing is to launch this 2020 Solar Emovili. “We want to offer our customers self-consumption at their homes with high satisfaction. We started in January and from 40 offers 18 contracts and three installations to teach our clients have come out, ”concludes the CEO of Emovili.

The customer at the center of the strategy

What differentiates Emovili from other competitors, according to Casas, is the quality, service and guarantee. "15% of our facilities are from customers who call other customers. We operate with utilities and we have an agreement with some brands, manufacturers and more than 70 dealers throughout Spain ”.

It also ensures that Emovili has a strategy where the customer is at the center. "The customer's need is recorded from the point of recharge to the meter table, we evaluate an offer, after two days we confirm it and in less than 5 days the installation is done, in total it takes ten days”Points. At this time, the electric car is concentrated in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and begins to operate in islands such as the Balearic Islands. Therefore, from the company committed to the environment, it has “18% of the share of Madrid, 6.5% of Spain with offices in Madrid, the Balearic Islands and Barcelona”.

Exclusive agreements with BMW, Mini and Tesla

Emovili also has an exclusive agreement with BMW, Mini and Tesla in Spain to put their charging points. From the BMW group, for example, they claim that the progressive increase of the electric car park and the mileage traveled they make an installation of chargers more and more necessary in homes and businesses.

The charging point installation company has earned the trust of these automotive giants thanks to its good work and commitment to current legislation. The ITC-BT-52 regulation of December 31, 2014 of the Low Voltage Regulation follows closely and they deliver the facilities with the corresponding certificate of legalization.