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What the eyes of Vince Carter have seen happen in the NBAThey have not been seen by any other player in the history of the American basketball league. The eaves of Atlanta Hawks In this beginning of the new year he has become the first player to compete in the NBA in four different decades. From his debut in the 1998/1999 season until his farewell, this year's.

In 2020 will say goodbye a legend of this sport in the U.S which has remained in time watching several generations of players pass by. When it started reigning Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley or Karl Malone and leaves with the rise of Luka Doncic Y Giannis Antetokounmpo. He has seen his dream come true David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA for 30 years who fought for the globalization of the league and died on January 1. Your site occupies it Adam Silver since 2014.

The 98 'survivor

Vince Carter, nicknamed Vinsanity, came to the NBA after the 1998 draft. He was chosen in position number 5 by Golden state warriors, who immediately transferred it to the Toronro Raptors. Of their promotion are Mike Bibby, Dirk Nowitzki Y Paul Pierce, all retired today. The German is the one who has been able to keep up with him, but he decided to hang up his boots last season as a legend of the Dallas Mavericks and the NBA.

Michael Jordan and Vince Carter

It premiered in the league on February 5, 1999 against the Boston Celtics. He debuted so late because the 1998/1999 season was conditioned by the lockout, which only allowed 50 games to be played. In his career he lived another lockout, the strike of 2011. Since his debut, more than 1,500 games under his belt and 22 campaigns in the NBA, more than anyone in history exceeding 21 Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Willis Y Robert Parish.

The goodbye of Jordan and the new generation

The year it began in 1999 was the last of Michael Jordan before his second withdrawal. The first one was in 1993 and then I would return for the third time to play in the Washington Wizards from 2001 to 2003. Vinsanity, which announced last June that it will retire at the end of this season, will be seeing the first glory slashes of Antetokounmpo and Doncic and will soon witness the start of the NBA race of Zion Williamson.

Vince Carter's career has had celebrity moments. Since being Rookie of the Year and eight times all star until its exhibition in the Math contest in 2000. But many expected his career to give much more. Considered one of Jordan's heirs, the closest he was to the ring was in 2010 when he reached with Orlando Magic The end of the East. Yes, he was part of the Olympic team of U.S who won gold in Sydney 2000.

Vince Carter, in his first match in 2020

Vince Carter, in his first match in 2020


Orlando was his third team, before he played in Toronto (1998-2004) and New Jersey (2004-2009), and after being there from 2009 to 2010 he began to change teams very frequently: Phoenix (2010-2011), Dallas (2011-2014), Memphis (2014-2017), Sacrament (2017-2018) and Atlanta (since 2018). Eight teams in which their role has been transformed over the years. From a consolidated star to a veteran specialist.

The Florida has gone down in history averaging 16.9 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game. His future will remain linked to basketball and he is now allowed to act as a 'coach' in the Hawks with permission from his master Lloyd Pierce. "Sometimes I see things. (…) I want to help these guys, be a mentor, a team leader, although I'm not the star," he says. Vinsanity It's already the eyes of the NBA.

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