The surprising outcome in 'The island of temptations'

Capital surprise. Thus, the outcome of Fiama and Álex in ‘The island of temptations’. The couple has had a very irregular route throughout the program, full of ups and downs, distrust and insecurity. In the final bonfire it was time to face each other and put everything black on white. It was definitely the moment of truth.

Alex was the first to reach the final stake. Visibly nervous, the young man waited impatiently for the canary that broke into a hurricane. Fiama arrived with the shotgun loaded, willing to settle accounts with her young boyfriend. The contestant wanted to clarify above all the thorny issue of supposed assembly of her boyfriend with Julian, One of the suitors. As the explosive brunette knew, Alex would have made the suitor participate in a strategy to monopolize focus and more hours on television. Given the evidence, Alex assumed his mistake: “forgives. You're right. I didn't do the right thing, but I just wanted to protect ours. ”

Fiama did not give credit. The Canary threw in his face everything that happened and all the behaviors that he did not like about his boy. Alex, very affected, kept asking for forgiveness. Moments of uncertainty in which they saw together the night the contestant and her suitor slept together: “You can't imagine how well that boy has behaved with me. I could have got tares against you and it hasn't. He's an uncle 10. " However, at the moment of truth, Fiama melted and said he wanted to return to Spain with Alex: "It's that in the end I want him madly." What is not so clear is that the wedding is still standing, but at least, the program went together and united.

Andrea collapses when she sees Ishmael

On the other side of the coin are Andrea and Ishmael. The young man had to wait for his (former) princess. His nerves were visible. Andrea arrived later and although her attitude was challenging at times, it is true that when she met her ex-boy she looked fearful and nervous, as looking for some complicity. In the end it broke and it was Ismael's consolation: “You have done what you thought and what you wanted. Do not regret anything but you have done me a favor. I've realized that I didn't know you in the background. ” Although the contestant was afraid to put her behavior in the face, her speech made water immediately. In the end Ismael decided to go to Spain only while Andrea has gone with Oscar.