The ten-month-old baby who received a brutal beating from his father dies in Castellón

The worst of the outcomes has come for the ten-month-old baby who was admitted last Sunday in the Castellón General Hospital victim of a brutal beating by his father. According to the first medical report, the baby had been beaten severely violence against the bars of the crib which caused serious head injuries that today have finally caused his death.

The minor had undergone emergency surgery last Sunday for the head injuries he had sustained. The parents had gone to the local health center in Almassora by a strong blow to the head. The doctors themselves referred the child to hospital given the severity of the injuries, incompatible with the version of the couple who argued that he had fallen out of his crib.

The Civil Guard took over the case and when they discovered that the parents were lying in their version, they arrested the couple and went to the home to obtain evidence of the assault. The first hypothesis is that the father hit the baby’s head hard against the bars of the crib.

The 20-year-old father would have been the one who carried out the attack on the crib, and is already under arrest for the death of his son. The 17-year-old mother has been admitted to a juvenile center pending sentence.