The tense face to face between Gloria Camila and Sofía Suescun

What has joined ‘Survivors’ Let no one separate him. The new edition of reality has just begun and with it the first controversies. One of them, how could it be otherwise, bears the name of Sofia Suescun The Navarre, who won the edition in 2017, is the defender of her brother Cristian, who participates this year and that is why she will be a regular at the sets. We will also see a lot on program nights at Gloria Camila, since she comes as a defender of Ana María Aldón, his father's wife, and also his niece, Dew Flowers.

Gloria Camila and Sofía Suescun, during their confrontation./Mediaset

The controversy was served. After months of insults, crossing accusations and indirect social networks, the two women have seen their faces. Both have in common a man: Kiko Jimenez. Gloria was his first girlfriend and Sofia is the current one and among them there is no special affection. Remember that apart from the pullas that have been dedicated to each other, Sofia got to put on a video a pajamas that Ortega Cano's daughter She had left her ex-boyfriend's house. A provocation that Jorge Javier Vazquez He didn't want it to go unnoticed. As soon as the gala began, the presenter wanted to do the honors: «Do you know Sofia Suescun? », to which the young woman answered no. "Ah, well, he has your pajamas," Badalona replied. : "I give it to her, I'm not going to talk to her," Gloria replied bluntly.

The tension was palpable at times, especially when Jorge, holding the daughter of Mayte Galdeano, was getting closer and closer to the aunt of Dew Flowers. While Sofia preached that "I have no grudge," Gloria Camila was becoming increasingly tense. Neither of them seemed to be at ease but it is true that today, Pamplona's is best managed in a climate of tension and conflict. We will have to pay attention to their next clashes.

This was the tense face to face between Gloria Camila and Sofía Suescun
Sofía Suescún at the ‘Survivors’ ./ Mediaset gala

First nominations

First day of reality and first nominations. As always, the contestants have been divided into two groups and there are already some who awaken the antipathies of others. It is the case of Vicky Larra, Fani, Yiya and José Antonio Avilez The four are the first nominees of the broadcast that next Thursday will have a double expulsion.