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THE SPANISH organized its annual gala in which it distributes its famous Los Leones award. This year the role has fallen on the Spanish athletes who are making history in the different disciplines.

María José Rienda, Secretary of State for Sports, talked about the women's soccer strike which will take place on the weekend of November 16 and 17. "Well, the position of the Higher Sports Council has always been to bring positions between both parties. We started these negotiations at the beginning and from there, it is true that the powers belong to the agents that have to agree on the conditions, "he began by saying.

The ex-skier showed the conciliatory side that she maintains, but also claimed equality: "For us it is important that Spanish and women's sports have an agreement. We need athletes to charge and have a contract. Really not they are asking for anything that cannot be done within the world of football. We must continue negotiating, we understand that it is something very necessary in Spanish football. There we are all the institutions, the Federation too and that we will all be pending to reach a agreement".

Fight for equality

María José Rienda said that what the players are asking for is nothing that "is not possible". "There are many statements on the one hand, some say more, some less. Logically there are interests, there is a structure. Beyond interests, we want equality. First girls have to charge. Logically. They are not asking for anything that is not possible We have to keep evolving. We need this kind of agreement and we are going to fight it, "he said.

Finally, the Secretary of State for Sports said that although the problem is economic by the clubs, they understand that it is something feasible: "I believe that, above all, before anticipating consequences, it is true that we must see it and analyze it, we understand that football can do it. "