the tremendous and last stride to Kiko Jiménez

They say that any past time was better and in this case it is fulfilled without a doubt. We talk about Rocío Flores and Kiko Jiménez, because when the jienense maintained a relationship with Gloria Camila Peace seemed to reign among them. However, its rupture caused everything to explode into the air to such an extent that both have starred in strong encounters on the set of ‘GH VIP’. All public and, although it is true that the daughter of Antonio David Flores has just left television after the expulsion of his father from reality, he wanted to respond through his social networks.

«People who live pending the lives of others is because they have neither the courage nor the strength to be the protagonist of their own history. Do not fear these types of people, it is worthy of compassion, they will never move forward because they are always looking at the sides, ”begins the granddaughter of Rocío Jurado in her latest Instagram post. A message with no apparent recipient until attention is paid to the hastagh that Rocío Flores has chosen. «#Comprarosunavidaydejarlamiatranquila #queridotriobuscaroselprotagonismoacostadevosnosmismos
# buenostardesatodosmenosaestos3personajes 👋🏻🤘 », he added. Precisely these last three ‘errands’ have made it clear which are their enemies: Kiko Jiménez, Sofía Suescun and the one who was a close friend of Gloria Camila, Daniel.

The opinion of Gloria Camila

Although Gloria Camila is not usually pronounced on this type of controversial issues, this time she has wanted to give her opinion. Aware that he would have to talk, Ortega Cano's daughter has made her opinion clear in this war. «Hahaha I piss with the last hastagh», has commented.

Both are very close, a fact that has been shown every time they have had to wrap themselves in front of the cameras and outside them. Aunt and niece have an excellent relationship and both Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores have declared war on Kiko Jiménez.