The unexpected confession of the Valdemoro quaver during a search: "I regret what happened, may the family forgive me"

The Civil Guard and the judicial commission they return again to the house of the horrors of the quacker of Valdemoro to execute a search by order of the judge, a diligence that lasted for three hours and gave an unexpected surprise: the spontaneous confession of the quacker.

During the search, among the stench of the garbage that Leonardo accumulated in the villa that he illegally occupied in the street France of the town of the south of the region of Madrid, the quacker He broke his silence: "I am very sorry for what has happened … may the family forgive me," He said so in direct reference to the murder of the 18-year-old on October 16.

A comment that the Civil Guard will transfer to the court for its high value, since “the tattoo butcher”He has refused to testify before the investigators and the judge repeatedly. Until now, only the comments he made to the Civil Guard agents during his detention were recorded, and he told them that "it was a sexual game that got out of hand."

However, that was not the purpose of the record in which Leonardo confessed, but to collect more evidence and evidence to help clarify the fringes of the case. So far, Civil Guard investigators have compiled arguments to implicate the dismembered after recovering the victim's remains and prosecuting the crime scene. The forensic report also points you directly, but the guards came back to pick up a lot of medications Leonardo supposedly took to alleviate the effects of alleged mental illness.

The court wants to know to what extent Leonardo had a mental illness diagnosed and was treated for it. In the same way as the court subjected him to a forensic test taking several hairs of the accused to analyze whether he committed the crime under the influence of drugs since the Civil Guard collected cocaine at the crime scene

In any case the situation of Leonardo, in provisional prison since October 19 it gets complicated over time. She has been the lawyer of his ex-girlfriend Celia, who helped him to dismember the body and then went to denounce him before the Civil Guard, which together with the Prosecutor's Office requested at the last judicial hearing that Leonardo continue in provisional prison while the instruction continues.