The United States Congress ratifies Biden’s victory in the elections

After a historic day starring the assault on the Capitol, the United States Congress has ratified this Thursday the election of the democrat Joe biden as president in the elections held last November. A decision that comes after the suspension for several hours of the session due to the assault on the legislative headquarters of thousands of supporters of the outgoing president, Donald Trump.

Specifically, the United States Congress has made this decision shortly after the Senate and House of Representatives rejected objections raised by a small number of staunch Republican supporters of Trump to try to invalidate Biden’s electoral votes in the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

In the elections of last November, the Democrat Joe biden He obtained 306 votes, 36 more than necessary to obtain victory, although Trump has refused to acknowledge his defeat and has denounced that fraud took place during the elections. A complaint that has been repeated in recent weeks on Twitter and that has led to increased tensions leading to an assault by a group of followers against the Capitol during the session to confirm Biden’s victory, historically a formality in the North American country.