The UNO logistics company asks for investment to increase freight traffic in Madrid-Barajas

UNO requests that more public resources be invested to increase freight traffic at the Madrid Barajas airport. As indicated by the logistics management, it is the management of the border inspection post of the airport that limits the growth of air cargo traffic to much less, as well as the competitiveness of the aerodrome with respect to other national and international.

The employers' logistics UNO has said that it is a shame that the time and personnel limitation of the Administration prevents the inspection services offered at the facilities with border inspection post in Barajas.

The Madrid airport has several facilities with authorization for a border inspection post, but the Administration does not guarantee the continued development of this type of service in some of them, but limits it to a few days a week, which does not allow an uptake continued air cargo traffic that requires this type of service.

According to UNO, the poor functioning of the Barajas border inspection point is a brake on the growth and development of the airport in terms of air cargo.

The employer's logistics, in its statement, says that there could be a possible discriminatory treatment of service to companies, which could limit the entry of new operators or even generate the diversion of traffic to other airports, which he believes would be a shame because greater investment would increase economic activity and the generation of jobs.

UNO believes that although the long-term solution could be to constitute a single border inspection point in Barajas, in the short term the service should be enhanced, giving the same treatment to all companies that have approved their facilities as a border installation point.