The ‘unprecedented’ interview of Broncano to Leo Messi

This week the season of several Movistar + programs began. Among them, some returned like ‘Late Motiv’, ‘Loco Mundo’, ‘Illustrious Ignorantes’, ‘La Resistencia’ or ‘Give Wax, Polish # 0 ′. The latter did it with a fun and fictitious interview of David Broncano to Messi in your program.

With archive images of ‘La Resistencia’ and the interview in which the Argentine revealed that he was staying one more year at Barcelona, ​​a hilarious chat between the footballer and the presenter came out, an ‘unpublished’ interview of Ángel Martín’s program and Patricia Conde who has gone viral on social media.

How would Messi have been as a guest with Broncano in ‘La Resistencia’? In the aforementioned program they simulated it and the montage has been surprising because of how ingenious and well done it is, because cutting images can even give the feeling of real, although obviously the questions and answers are in a humorous tone.

Broncano’s fictional interview with Messi:

B: Do you think now that you have freaked out a bit?

M: The truth is that it is a bit hypocritical to say that.

B: Is the interview cool, good vibes, funny and such?

M: Yes, a lot.

B: The mythical money question, how much money do you have?

M: Very poor, plugging holes as things go by.

B: How much have you fo ***** in the last month, in exact times?

M: Especially the president, who is terrific. I’m going to continue at the club because he told me that the only way out was to pay the clause, which is impossible.

After that fictitious conversation, they joke with the famous ‘He comes out to pay’ and David Broncano asks Messi to take a selfie in the style of the famous ‘He stays’ by Piqué with Neymar.