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The United States Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, will leave the post in the coming weeks, in full escalation of tensions between the two powers, that these days punishments have also been crossed in the diplomatic sphere, with restrictions on the activities of officials.

The announcement was made this Monday by the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo. “I thank Ambassador Terry Branstad for his more than three years of service to the American people as United States Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China“Pompeo said on his Twitter account.

According to the head of US diplomacy, “Ambassador Branstad has contributed to rebalancing the relations between the United States and China so that they are results oriented, reciprocal and fair “

The announcement of the Branstad march comes as Washington and Beijing are at one of their most tense in decades.

President Donald Trump chose Branstad because “his decades of experience in dealing with China they made him the best person to represent the Administration and defend American interests and ideals in this important relationship, “he concluded.

In his announcement on twitter, Pompeo does not state the reasons for the change nor does he mention when the Branstad departure will take effect.